Your Options

This could include all of the possible time frames and services:

One off Business Workshop: Vision, Goals and Actions

Monthly or Quarterly Board Meeting Support

Specific Projects: Prepare your business for sale or assist & evaluate a business prior to purchase.

Ongoing specific functional support: e.g. Strategy, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing etc.

I bet you are a bit like our current clients and wondering “how will I justify the outlay for this?” We aim to deliver a 300% – 500% ROI on any investment with us. If we cannot do that, we won’t take on the assignment.

We don’t add costs we deliver value and outcomes.

To better demonstrate the confidence we have in this process & as a token of our good faith, we offer to hear a little about your number one challenge or business question and will do our best to provide a one off set of considerations around it for you to better demonstrate our commitment and our capabilities. Click here to see how this works.

We will consider taking on projects where we only get paid if you achieve a certain specified outcome.

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