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Jayne and Jolyon Good

Owners/Directors, Good Constructions

We will never forget the feeling after initial consultation with Grey Matters. We were blown away and excited to be able to share our ideas, frustrations and be challenged on various perspectives of our business. When you are a small to medium business owner it is easy to get stuck in the day to day and often there is no one internally you can share your goals, visions and challenges with.

Immediately we recognised the benefits and structure they could provide us as we embarked on a strong period of growth.

Monthly meetings have kept us accountable and they have pushed us to achieve and hit our key targets. I can confidently say, we would not have achieved what we have in such a short space of time, without their mentoring, direction and the discipline of our monthly advisory board meetings over the last 18 months.

The wealth of knowledge they share, business acumen, and guidance has been well worth it. I believe having the Grey Matters Advisory board to be able to tap into regularly has no doubt made us better business owners and strengthened our business for the future. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Craig Dyke

Managing Director, Coen Composite Wood

Thanks again for yours and Ian’s time last week.  There were plenty of moments where I could see clarity, and having you guys challenge my ideas, allowed me to see the wood for the trees.

After a ½  day’s whiteboard session with Ian and Dan, then later with Andy, I came away with structed tasks that give me the confidence of the direction I am taking the business in.  I could also see what other options to grow revenue, a better understanding of my margins and costs to improve NOP and cash flows.  Plus, some great industry specific contacts the guys from GMBA introduced me to who were more than willing to have a chat and provide guidance.

I have a long way to go but having the team from Grey Matters for that initial session, then available to bounce ideas off through monthly meetings or ¼ Non-Executive Board meetings, keeps me accountable and energized.

Thanks again Dan, Ian and Andy.

Jason Wyllie

Director, Pabs Furniture Rentals

The Grey Matters Advisory day was a great exercise in pausing, exploring and re-focussing on a new set of goals and actions to make sure the business achieves its success in the next three years.

We would highly recommend a meeting with the Grey Matters Business Advisory for any business considering a rejig of their business plan and improvements to their mode of operation.


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